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What is it like to work with me?

Here are answers to common questions on what it’s like to work with me and my team on your books.

Bookkeeping allows you, the business owner, the clarity of where money is coming in and where it’s going.

As your professional bookkeeper, I take your bookkeeping from “do it later” to “done” to give you insights as to how your business is doing.

With your bookkeeping done, you will not only make business goals but you will also be empowered to beat those goals as you continue to improve and grow your business.

Definitely not! If your business is bringing in money, bookkeeping should be done. Tracking your sales, costs, and profits is how you make smart business decisions and reach your goals.

Knowing your numbers and maximizing profit allows you to grow from a small business to an unstoppable empire.

If you are in start-up mode and not ready to outsource your books (and that’s okay!), I also provide a done-with-you service. Click HERE to learn more about The Balanced Books Bundle!

No, there is no requirement that your bookkeeper is located in the same state as your business. Bookkeeping principles are the same no matter where you live. Yay!


As a pharmacist, I understand your passion for your clients. And your passion is my passion. I believe in the potential of your business and I’m here to help it thrive.


I bring amazing attention to detail to my clients and their businesses. When you work with me, you know your books are in the right hands and every detail has been reviewed and double-checked with a fine-tooth comb.


I have over 5 years of bookkeeping experience and am a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. When you work with me, you know you’re in good hands.

The base monthly bookkeeping packages start at $300 a month and vary based on your business’s complexities and needs.

If your books need to be caught up, there will be a one-time setup fee.

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