Bookkeeping Services

1:1 Bookkeeping Intensive

On-the-spot bookkeeping support to get you unstuck. This one-time, no-commitment recorded video call will give you dedicated space to ask me anything bookkeeping-related.

Your intensive includes:

  • A personal, 90-minute video call to troubleshoot and clarify anything that’s been tripping you up in your bookkeeping
  • The call recording to play back anything, so you don’t have to stress out in the moment about taking notes
  • A complete follow-up recap email with recommendations and clear direction for moving forward.

90 minutes



It’s time to hire a bookkeeper if…

Your business is growing

Yay! You are booking clients left and right. But now you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up on the administrative side of your business.

You want to understand your numbers

You’re using your bank balance to keep track of how much you make and spend. Instead of “guestimating”, make smart business decisions on actual numbers.

You spend valuable time on your books

Even if you spend more than one hour per month on your books, this time is better spent on taking care of your clients and growing your business

You want someone in your corner

You want a professional person who understands the ins and outs of your business to guide you, answer questions, and give you objective opinions.

Bookkeeping Setup Package

  • Complete Quickbooks/Xero Setup
  • Customized Chart of Accounts
  • Historical Data Transfer
  • Bookkeeping Monthly/Quarterly Checklist
  • Bookkeeping Resources & Tips

1-2 hours



Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Maximize your profit and minimize your stress.

Say goodbye to:

  • Spending valuable time you don’t have doing your own books when you can spend it doing…anything else
  • Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or confused by your numbers
  • Procrastinating your bookkeeping until tax time, and then stressing to catch up (only to wonder if you did it right)
Monthly Rate

Starting at $300

You’re ready for a CFO if…

Your business is growing – consistently

You need guidance on financial business decisions that will benefit your business long-term.

You want to plan for your business’s future

Gain a deep understanding of your business finances and start planning for the future with meaningful budgeting and forecasting.

CFO Services

For the CEO who wants to create a long-lasting profitable business with confidence

Get ready for:

  • Visual dashboards and reports so that your numbers are clear and easier to visualize
  • Monthly budgeting and cash flow forecasting that allows you to make strategic financial decisions and investments to maximize profit and plan for the future
  • Monthly 1:1 CFO calls to discuss your budget, revenue goals and business milestones
  • Monthly bookkeeping services
Monthly Rate

Starting at $750

Not Ready to Outsource your Books?

That’s okay! Learn more about how to DIY your books with me by your side until your business is ready to take off!

Ready to get started?

Work With Me

You may wonder why I don’t list rates on my website. I am a firm believer that one size does not fit all. Each business has different needs and it’s not fair to set one price. Thus, we will work together to set a price to fit your budget and your needs. Set up a free consultation today!